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Why should i service my gas boiler?

As with all heating appliances, your gas boiler needs to be serviced once a year, as recommended by the manufacturers, to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. An efficient boiler is more environmentally friendly leading to gas consumption, therefore lowering your bills.
The safety aspect is even more critical as a regularly serviced boiler will operate safely i.e. the gas will burn correctly, reducing the rish of emissions of poisonous Carbon Monoxide and / production of soot.

Who should service my gas boiler?

It is illegal for anybody other than a registered gas installer to service your boiler.

Your gas boiler should only be serviced by a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) as he/she will have the required competency and experience to deal with the servicing, repair and setup of gas appliances. The RGI will also check if the boiler is correctly installed and operatingin a suitable environment.

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Regarding COVID-19.

Warm Home Appliance Services Limited in an effort to help the government strategy to slow down the spread of Corona Virus COVID-19 is suspending all works from March 16th 2020 until the 29th March. We will keep this under review in line with government recommendations. It is with great regret that we make this decision and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers.